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Summer Camps

Summer is just around the corner!

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High School Credit

Play Music! Earn High School Credits!

3 and 5 credit performing arts programs available!

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Group Guitar

Intros include guitar rental!

From beginner to advanced, our group guitar programs give you the knowledge and skill to become a serious shredder!

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Kindermusik at Visionary College

One of the worlds most renowned early childhood music programs!

Children thrive on music. It’s one of the best vehicles for learning in early childhood development. Kindermusik takes musical learning to the next level; our curriculum is proven to improve a child’s brain development. And for parents, it’s a fun thing to do with kids!

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Music Funtime

Toddlers love to explore and experience music!

Toddlers love to explore and experience! Music Funtime provides a quick paced, structured musical learning environment where children and the people that love them sing, dance and play instruments. Children 14-36 months are introduced to music concepts while gaining exposure to various instruments, including the piano and violin.…

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Kids Keyboard Adventures

Includes Piano to use at home for 2 months!

From piano basics, creative games, and ensemble playing to rudiments in composition, this exciting program has everything for the young piano student. Learning piano is fun!

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Early Childhood Music Programs at Visionary College

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At this year's very competitive Rotary Music Festival, Students of Visionary College showed that hard work and expert instruction pays off!

Congratulations to Team Visionary!

Musical Theatre Awards (Visionary College students received ALL the awards in this category)

Junior Award-Matthew Baba

Intermediate Award-Hailey Benedict

Intermediate Award-Makayla Barwick

Senior Award-Nicole Baker

 Vocal Awards

Junior Vocal Award-Emerson Brent

Senior Vocal Award-Elizabeth VanStaaluinen


Meadow Construction Chairman’s Choice Award

Popular-Summer Fraleigh

Provincial Recommendations
Musical Theatre 12 and under (Ballad) Mariya Chvojka
Musical Theatre 12 and under (Uptempo) Matthew Baba
Musical Theatre 16 and under (Uptempo) Makayla Barwick
Boys Vocal Solo 12 and under Matthew Baba
Girls Vocal Solo 12 and under Mariya Chvokja

Julia Nicholson playing guitaralt

17 year old Julia Nicholson is no stranger to contests. In October of this year, she won the Amplify Festival Battle of the Bands. This past April she won four categories in an international competition in Nashville.  She has been a finalist in everything from Big Valley Jamboree, K-Days Talent Search, and winner of the St. Albert Idol Junior Competition. 

Her stage experience already reads like a seasoned professional, having performed at the Edmonton Folk Fest, the Canmore Folk Fest, and numerous corporate events and fundraisers. 

Julia is always giving back to the community that supports her and has recently written a song "Give A Little Love" to raise awareness to the issues of poverty that exist in our province. She has entered this song in the "My United Way Voice" competition that is being held across Alberta and she is now in the top 10!

Last year, Julia was runner up in the same competition, and this year the Visionary College family is joining forces to support Julia in "My United Way Voice". Julia is committed to using her voice to help the United Way in it's efforts to end poverty in Alberta. 

You can vote every day! 

Watch Julia's Video for Give A Little Love Here:

Then head over to the My United Way Voice website and give Julia Nicholson your VOTE!

Rhea March is an award winning altLive Performance and Artist Development Coach whose work with emerging artists has been pivotal in launching countless young careers in Alberta. She is thrilled to bring her skills to Visionary College where she will focus on teaching the art of songwriting and live performance.

Her work with Visionary focuses on all aspects of Enhanced Live Performance including: Authentic Stage Presence; Overcoming Stage Fright; Mic Technique; Audience Engagement; Fan Base Acquisition; Recording & Pre-Production; Professionalism, DYI Management, Songwriting, and the Business of Music.

The authenticity and integrity with which she teaches has earned her the respect of key arts, education and funding partners as well as venues, festivals, radio, TV, print, and on line media, and thousands of supporters province wide. Rheas philosophy for encouraging the development of Alberta talent has been the subject of numerous television segments and articles including a one hour CBC TV special.  Rheas affinity for coaching and developing outstanding emerging talent has been formally recognized with:

* Governor Generals Award ‘Outstanding Contributions to a Community;
* Governor Generals Award Nomination;
* Mayors Celebration of the Arts Award nomination;
* Global Woman of Vision Award

Rhea is a sessional instructor at MacEwan University teaching “Artist Management for the Music Industry’.  She is entering her 10th year as the congenial and supportive host of the Sunday Song Stage in Edmonton (currently at Cha Island Tea Co).  She donates her time each week as part of her commitment to the continuation of all aged platforms that encourage artist development through live performance experience.


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Early Childhood Blog

Dynamics: Loud and Quiet

Dynamics: Loud and Quiet

At some point, most parents frantically seek to turn down the volume of their child—in the library, at a restaurant, waiting in line at the grocery store, in a public bathroom. Unfortunately, a toddler’s version of an “inside voice” can tend to sound like everyone else’s version of an “outside voice” (as in yodeling-at-the-top-of-a-mountain loud). Yodel-ay-hee-shhhhh!

While your child’s sense of hearing began developing in the womb, the basic concept of dynamics—loud and quiet—must be learned. In Kindermusik class, we lead you and your child through a variety of activities to help your little yodeler learn to recognize the difference between loud and quiet sounds. When we play our clip clap instruments loud or soft, “go ‘round the mountain” with loud running feet or quiet tiptoeing feet, imitate the loud or quiet sounds of mama and baby sheep, or even move our scarves quietly or loudly through the corn, your child learns how to listen to and differentiate between loud and quiet sounds. So, the next time your toddler uses an “outside voice” in an inside situation, you can ask in your quiet voice: “How would baby sheep say that”? It just might turn down the volume!

Everyday Connection: Keep it Bottled Up. Make toddler-friendly shakers from plastic drink containers and soft (quiet) and hard (loud) items. Then, put on your favourite music from class and play loudly and quietly together!

Reprinted by permission from Kindermusik